About us

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Enthusiastic team with a unique perspective on bikes

As soon as you walk into bikeemotion, you can see that we didn’t choose the name of our specialist bike shop randomly. There is no greater emotion than passion. And our passion is the world of bicycles. At bikeemotion, you will meet an enthusiastic team on a mission: to help passionate cyclists get around with ease and lots of cycling fun.

Mobile, healthy and free

At bikeemotion, we see the bike as the solution for the mobility issue. You never get stuck in traffic on a bike. But cycling isn’t just about easing traffic woes, of course. It’s also healthy, environmentally friendly and it facilitates social interaction. Cycling brings people together, gives you a different outlook on life and creates a feeling of freedom. And it’s our ambition to do our bit with bikeemotion.

Quality range as a starting point

If you want to enjoy carefree cycling, you really do need a quality, technically perfect bike. That’s why at our specialist bike shop, you will only find a select range of top-brand bikes. We are deliberately picky when it comes to our selection, because we want to offer you the best bike in every category.

Want to know more about our mission? Or would you like to check out our range of top bikes? Contact us or visit our specialist bike shop in Uccle (Brussels).

Meet our enthusiastic team of experts

Geert – manager

‘To me, bikeemotion is having the opportunity to share my passion with my customers day in day out. I absolutely love seeing the smiles on customers’ faces as they ride around on a bike that fits them perfectly.’

Social media and sales

‘It’s brilliant to show people all the things you can do on a bike and let them discover new ways of increasing their mobility. bikeemotion is a bike shop that helps customers find the best solution, by giving them professional advice.’

Workshop and sales support

‘Quality is key at our bike shop. We approach everything we do with great care and attention to detail. Giving customers tailor-made advice and helping them find the ideal configuration gives me great satisfaction.’

‘Good bikes are not cheap, cheap bikes are not good. As an experienced mechanic, I know just how true that statement is. It’s why I love working at bikeemotion so much. Because it’s a bike shop where every customer can count on professional advice and a quality bike that meets their needs 100%.’