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Folding bikes

Folding bikes – switching between transport modes: the ultimate freedom …

Do you live in the city? Is it your ambition to commute to work by bike?

Or do you want to avoid using the car and public transport and choose a healthier mode of transport? The city bike is just what you need!

Versatile bike for everyday use

A city bike is a versatile bicycle which is easily recognisable by its distinct lighting, mudguards, pannier rack and derailleur. You can use it for commuting to and from work, shopping, everyday journeys and recreational bike rides. In short: the city bike is a great all-rounder that gets you to your destination safely, wind in your hair.

Want to buy a city bike to get around the city easily and without getting stuck in traffic? Contact us or visit our bike shop in Uccle (Brussels).

The best folding bikes: Brompton

bikeemotion chooses folding bikes by Brompton. A top brand that excels in portability, because Brompton folding bikes weigh maximum 13 kilograms. They are made of steel, offer an incredibly flexible ride and never open once they are folded down.

Extra plus point? When folded down, your bike sits on castors, so it can be pulled along like a trolley. From 2019, you can also discover the electric Brompton folding bike at our shop!

Brompton Website