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Electric bike

An electric bike from bikeemotion adds an extra dimension to your cycling experience.

It’s the perfect leisure bike if you love going on long bike rides but want to get to your destination without being out of breath. An e-bike is also a fantastic commuter option for anyone working and living in and around Brussels. It gets you to work quicker and less sweaty. It’s almost as if the e-bike was made for hilly Brussels.

Two types of e-bikes

One major consideration when choosing the best e-bike is the level of pedal assist. A good e-bike offers pedal assist up to 25 kilometres an hour. Really pumping those legs? Then pedal assist will simply cut out. In addition, there are bikes with a motor that assists you up to 45 kilometres an hour. Legally, this category comes under motorbikes. So different traffic rules apply. Also, these bikes must carry a number plate and you must wear a bike helmet when riding them.

Interested in a top-quality e-bike? Contact us or visit our bike shop in Uccle (Brussels).

The best e-bikes: Riese & Müller!

bikeemotion specialises in e-bikes. We mainly offer models by Riese & Müller, the brand with the top e-bikes on the market. The manufacturer starts from the motor and then builds a bike around it, which makes Riese & Müller bikes incredibly stable. What’s more, this bike manufacturer stands out for its quality parts and accessories.

We choose to display Riese & Müller and Tout Terrain bikes in our showroom but also provide e-bikes by KOGA and Trek.

Looking for something a little different? The e-cargo bike is ideal for carrying kids or cargo. We opted for Riese & Müller and Belgian brand Bike43.

Riese & Muller Website